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Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé Wine

This Bardolino Chiaretto (PINK) wine takes its name from the town of Bardolino on the shore of Lake Garda. The wine is typically lighter and fresher than Valpolicella -- sort of a northern Italian splash of pleasure. 

It's made from the same grapes as Valpolicella, with the addition of one called the negrara.

if you were a simultaneous interpreter you would need to have more than a word for saying PINK. That is:

- Vin Gris (from the French for ‘Grey Wine’).
- Blush (actually the word comes from the English translation of the German word Weissherbst – white harvest).
- Pelure d’Oignon (from the French again for ‘Onion Skin’).
- Rosato (from the Italian for ‘Rosé’ that actually comes from the French for ‘Rosato’).

Can you perceive that hue of tangerine or grapefruit?

This good rosé has and holds a natural balance of acidity and fruit and a refreshingly crisp finish;

Best served chilled, it’s a great companion to grilled or cold meat, a summer pasta salad, and any shrimp, scallop or crab dish. Try it as well with chicken (either barbecued or in a salad) or grilled or pan-seared halibut or salmon.



The consortium of several estate wineries whose name is ‘ITALIANS’ produces both the ‘ROCK RIPASSO’, the SOAVE and the BARDOLINO wines. 

The Two Estate Wineries involved in This LO DUCA WINE production are:

1. Cantina di Monteforte. Click here to go to its website.

2. Cantina dei Colli Vicentini. Click here to go to its webite.

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