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WAFT OF CHERRY is what defines the BARBERA DI ASTI without any ambiguity. This aromatically explosive BARBERA DI ASTI OF SANT’ANNA DEI BRICCHETTI is of the Piedmont Region of Northern Italy. BARBERA DI ASTI is yet to be discovered even by most sophisticated wine lovers.

First thing to know: BARBERA is the name of the grape from which the wine is made.
Second thing to know: BARBERA DI ASTI is also the ‘legal name’ to differentiate this wine from the BARBERA DI ALBA. As a grape variety, is a very versatile one as it can yield both young/acid and more tannic/aged wines.

The Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti BARBERA selected by JIM Lo DUCA is the traditional old fashioned style of BARBERA. It is meant to drink young without any barrel aging whatsoever – it is unoaked, but rather aged in stainless steel fermentation tanks. The main rule to be sure you are about to drink an excellent BARBERA DI ASTI is to get the wine bottle-aged for one year, at least, and it is meant to be drunk within three years from the vintage.

The color is garnet and it gives the best if you put it in the fridge just one hour before serving. If you are fond of a chilled young PINOT NOIR, you may also want to chill this BARBERA DI ASTI selected by JIM LO DUCA.

As I tasted it - I, Salvatore Ivan Italiano - I got some hints of paprika and I have to say sour cherries … a very aromatic wine! When you taste it you will get the nice GRIP of it with a pleasant front tannins. It is explosive, rich, powerful, and very heavy on young blackberry flavor. There is still a hint of sourness, that gives to the wine a splash of freshness. You always go for a BARBERA before going for CHIANTI.

Written by Salvatore Ivan Italiano 
Wine Brand Ambassador; Simultaneous Interpreter
and Translator. 


Ceps and Veal Tenderloin in Monferrato Barbera Wine Stock.

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