LoDuca - 10:44 am - 01 May, 2016

English version by Salvatore Ivan Italiano

The European Union wants to deregulate the copyright of registered label names such as LAMBRUSCO. If the law is passed wines whose names are related to this grape name variety will be at risk. The grape growers of the Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna are already on the streets in protest of this forgery attempt from Spain and Portugal. Here is what some vintners of Spain and Portugal claim: “we also produce wines from the grape LAMBRUSCO, therefore it is our right to label our bottles as such”.

This is a threat that makes the veins and pulses tremble – to say it by quoting Dante – as Lambrusco is one of the Made in Italy best sellers with 178,252,934 on the market bottles and 63% of it sold to international markets … its total revenue? If you wonder here you go: Euro 570,409,389. Mr. Ermi Bagni, the senior manager of the Italian Lambrusco Consortium says: do you know how much we have toiled and invested money in it to make it so successful? Not only LAMBRUSCO! Even the wines of Barbera, Brachetto, Nebbiolo, Vernaccia, Vermentino sardo, Verdicchio, Teroldego trentino, Primitivo pugliese and Fiano laziale will share the same doom as the Lambrusco wine.

I – Salvatore Ivan Italiano, the writer of this article, have heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … but when imitation causes heavy financial damages I am not keen anymore to construe it as bold flattery … and what about the attempt to mislead consumers wandering in the midst of supermarket shelves? They want to buy Italian Products and not other countries’ products disguised as Italian.

Here a short list of ‘semantic forgery’:

– Chianti Forest Ville: produced in California.

– Amaretto Venezia: produced in Germany.

– Barbera: produced in Romania.

– Caffè Trieste: produced in California.

– Olio Romulo: produced in Spain.

ROMOLO, and not Romulo, was the founder of the city of Rome – according to the Italic Myth. What’s the right, then, of these Spaniards and others to mislead consumers? And if they – The Spanish – don’t know how to market their own products shouldn’t they go back to school instead of attempting to steal other countries’ identities?

These Spaniards have also attempted to register trademarks such:

– Lambrusco Antico Casato.

– Lambrusco Emilia Canottieri.

Nice try! But, what about going back to work and school instead of purloining the intellectual properties of hard working Italians?

I wanted to paraphrase President Obama during his speech at the Press Conference in Antalya – Turkey:

… We committed to a set of norms … for how governments and people – this word is added by the author of this article – should conduct themselves … including a commitment not to engage in the … theft of intellectual property for commercial gain. Are these words too wise to be heeded?


The English version of this article is based upon the Italian article Lambrusco, l’attacco della Spagna all’oro rosso by JENNER MELETTI …