LoDuca - 8:14 pm - 28 September, 2016

ITALIAN_PENINSULA_IMAGE_.pngThe Italian Peninsula has a boot shaped form. Where that Italian boot seems to have a knee - that’s CHIANTI ...

by Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano; September 28th - 2016.

CHIANTI is that part of Tuscany just south of Florence that’s been famous thanks to North Americans. And now they – My beloved North America people – think that Chianti is a bottle of wine and not a place. CHIANTI is a zone of the Tuscany Region of Italy where the sought-after wine of Chianti has been grown for centuries. These centuries preceded copyright law, and Italy only became unified into the Nation it is now in 1861.  There were a great number of years when farmers anywhere could call their wine Chianti and get a better price for it; which is why so much jug wine has been called Chianti.


It is also called Brunello di Montalcino too – some of  the jug wine - … so as to outsmart My beloved North Americans. It has been like watches on a street corner being called Cartier: they never were, no matter what the people selling them said.


Today, the real Chianti is called by law - CHIANTI CLASSICO.  Ahh, now you know.  You can tell it by looking for bottles that bear the name along with the trademarked Black Rooster label.  The typical CHIANTI is energetic, with bright cranberry fruit and a strong mineral spine.  Also, some farmers used to interplant Fava beans with wine grapes because the beans would infuse nitrogen in the soil to feed the vines. Ingenious!

Why picture the CHIANTI CLASSICO with a Roster Symbol?
It is meant to symbolize the Archetype of the Tuscan Merchant: a disguised Braggart and a cock of the walk … even pretending not being Italian as they have deliberately changed the pronunciation sound of the Italian consonant “C” from “K” to an extremely aspirate phonetics.  You can recognize the Cocky Braggart Rooster in the way he pronounces the Italian noun of CASA … the “C” disappears as in ‘ASA during the elocution of that noun.

What else do they disguise and why are they in disguise?
Do we really need to remember (remind you) that Tuscany has been the haven of Machiavelli whose plots have helped the most murderous and deceiving family of History - that is - THE BORGIAS?

In order to keep at bay the Braggart Roosters of Tuscany, during your Chianti Contract Negotiations, you can contact Dr. Salvatore Ivan Italiano.