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LoDuca April 22, 2018

What is the difference between the LoDuca Moscato di Asti as produced by Massimo Bona and the other types of Moscato such as those in Pantelleria, Apulia or anywhere else?

Behind the scenes at LoDuca Bros. Wines

LoDuca October 10, 2016

The tasting room is where Jim LoDuca appears most comfortable ... By Bobby Tanzilo

Amid BAROLO Wine and Truffles ...

LoDuca October 6, 2016

Amid Hills of Wine and Truffles, a Mission to Give Fungus Room to Breathe. From The New York Times - Europe | Barolo Journal ...

Shaped Enhanced Glasses of Wines

LoDuca October 5, 2016

Today, the venerable glassmaking company uses the very latest guerrilla marketing techniques to convince wine-drinkers that Riedel glasses can enhance the experience. It organises wine-glass tastings around the world in which audiences of 100 people or more are given a prepacked set of the Riedel glasses. For example, the set for a red wine tasting might contain glasses for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Is Portugal the Most Exciting Wine Place on the Planet Today?
It may well be. That’s why I moved there

Matt Kramer (Wine Spectator). Posted: March 18, 2014


LoDuca September 30, 2016

A winning combination: Mountains and wine in Portugal. Posted by LuMont.



LoDuca September 28, 2016

The Italian Peninsula has a boot shaped form. Where that Italian boot seems to have a knee - that’s CHIANTI!!!

Drinks Tip: All About Cider

LoDuca September 28, 2016

With autumn upon us, it's cider time. Here's our guide to the drink of the season.

Cider’s rise - Truly scrumpy?

LoDuca September 28, 2016

Cider has boomed, but its success may be too sweet to sustain.


LoDuca May 1, 2016

The European Union wants to deregulate the copyright of registered label names such as LAMBRUSCO.

Communication is everything!

LoDuca April 27, 2016

Eminent Wine Pundits chair the seminars of the 4° Executive-Master in Wine Export Management offered by the Italian University Institute FEM – Fondazione Edmund Mach.


LoDuca April 25, 2016

RIPASSO means literally ‘REPASSED’. This popular technique adds extra flavor to the VALPOLICELLA WINES; and ROCK RIPASSO OF LO DUCA WINES also benefits from the RIPASSO TECHNIQUE. YES! RIPASSO is the name of a wine-making technique. It is not the name of a region, nor even of a wine making area nor the name of a grape variety. It consists in taking the skins from the just-pressed grapes used in the AMARONE WINE production and adds them to the already-made VALPOLICELLA WINES. The sugar from these skins kick-starts a second fermentation thereby intensifying the color and flavor of the compounds.