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Lo Duca Bros. Inc. is a family-owned importer and distributor of fine wines. Brothers
 Tom and Guy Lo Duca founded the company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 1st 1941
 and this year proudly celebrates its 76th anniversary in business.     

76th Anniversary - Click on here to learn more about The Lo Duca History

The wineries and Vineyards  represented  on this site reflect the Company's philosophy
 based on pride of family, quality of products, and value to loyal customers. 

 Thank you loyal customers, employees, family, and friends






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(Available throughout the United States) 

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Wine Selection

Growing grapes and making wine is a result of generations of good agriculture and good business and that demands a harmonious relationship with nature as well as family.

Our common appreciation of excellent wines bonds us to this life task. It is my hope that these "LoDuca Selections" are enjoyed in good health.

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LoDuca April 22, 2018

What is the difference between the LoDuca Moscato di Asti as produced by Massimo Bona and the other types of Moscato such as those in Pantelleria, Apulia or anywhere else?

LoDuca Bros. does not sell directly to consumers. Please open the National Distribution section to find distributors in your state.